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Wilson College’s major in Communications balances critical thinking, media theory, and writing skills for use in both traditional media markets and today’s emerging digital media forms. Students will study the foundations of communications learning—i.e., journalistic writing, legal media issues, and media theory—and use that learning in traditional forms of media as well as online and digital media. In the process, students will create content for both print and digital publications and learn the fundamentals of marketing media and selling advertising.

Students who graduate from Wilson with a degree in Communications will have an array of marketable skills, including learning AP Style, designing print and online media frames, crafting public relations and advertising for a variety of industry purposes, and mastering a wide array of technical and software skills for use on traditional and electronic media. Students will gain additional skills in computer programming, graphic and website design, photography, and marketing, all of which positions the Wilson graduate for success in both the workforce and in graduate school. Internships take place in local media markets and include exposure to both traditional and online forms of media. By the completion of the degree program students will be ready to tackle the ever-evolving world of new and digital media and still understand the foundations of traditional media forms and styles.